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Learning To Build

Individual, Business & Community Resilience:

Thriving In A Pandemic World

We are fighting three pandemics simultaneously. The first, the global spread of COViD-19 forced nations, businesses, and communities around the world to take drastic actions creating the second pandemic of incredible economic and social disruption.


The impact of COViD-19 and economic and social upheaval have caused the third pandemic – a global wave of anxiety. Anxiety will likely continue to increase as we ask employees to return to work and people to return to shopping, to go to school, to worship, to live life in a pandemic world.


It is anxiety that will keep you, your employees, your customers, and your community from continuing to practice protective behaviors such as social distancing and from going back out to work and society.

The Center For Resilience, LLC is offering programs based on hard science and our experience in reopening businesses and communities after a disaster to guide you and your people forward into the new world.

“Although the COVID-19 crisis is, in the first instance, a physical health crisis, it has the seeds of a major mental health crisis as well, if action is not taken. Good mental health is critical to the functioning of society . . .”

United Nations Policy Brief:

COVID-19 and the Need for Action on

Mental Health 13 MAY 2020

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