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Course 1 & 2 Combined

Course 1 & 2 Combined

Course 1: Self-Management Of Anxiety In Response To A Pandemic

This course teaches you the specific behaviors needed to reduce your anxiety in the midst of the COViD-19 pandemic and economic upheaval. The course is based on the latest neuroscience from leading institutions across the globe.


Benefits Of Taking This Course


Practicing the behaviors taught in this course will allow you to move beyond managing your stress to become resilient. Resilience is the ability to thrive – not just survive – under stress.


Specific benefits include:

  • 30% increase in your sense of emotional and physical well-being
  • 25% improvement in decision-making
  • 17% increase in productivity
  • 60% improvement in the quality of your work
  • 24% increase in proactivity


These benefits will significantly improve your resilience and wellness, far beyond the pandemic and economic disruption.


Course Content & Structure

The course consists of three, one-hour classes. It covers the following six sets of behaviors:

  • Controlling Your Individual Stress Responses
  • Building Pragmatic Optimism
  • Increasing your Focus/Mindfulness
  • Practicing Self-Empathy And Empathy With Others
  • Using Fact-Based Decision-Making
  • Being Agile Amidst Turmoil


Each class concludes with a practice routine presented in checklist form. These are:

  • Waking Up To Manage Stress – Class 1
  • Staying Calm During The Day – Class 2
  • Winding Down To Sleep – Class 3




Course 2: Business Resilience In A Sustained Crisis

As communities around the globe begin to reopen, businesses face unprecedented challenges to reopen and generate sustained revenue. This course provides specific processes for leaders to reopen safely, reconnect with customers, and train people managers and employees the skills necessary to interact with each other and customers in this high stress, tumultuous environment.


Benefits Of Taking This Course

The business practices in this course are based on over 20 years of helping businesses recover after disasters. It will give proven strategies, tactics and behaviors that enabled businesses to recover after 9/11, mass shootings, and natural disasters.


Specific benefits include:

  • Efficiently reopening or expanding business operations
  • Leaders & employees returning to work confident and committed
  • Being agile so your business can meet the evolving demands of the crisis
  • Making customers confident in your ability to deliver products and services amidst the turmoil
  • Increasing brand equity that will extend beyond the crisis


Course Content & Structure

The course consists of three, one-hour classes. It covers the following topics:

  • Workforce Re-Entry
    • Managing the complexity of reopening
    • Preparing To Reopen
      • Orienting your workforce
      • Contingency planning
    • Opening Day Protocol
    • Daily Business Practices In The COViD World
  • Customer Communication
    • Leveraging The Transition To The New World
    • Refreshing Your Brand & Customer Experience
    • Building Your Message Inviting High Value Customers To Return
    • Building Customer Confidence In Your Business & Your People
    • Providing Value To Customers In Today’s World
    • Using Technology To Build Customer Relationships
  • Modeling Stress Management
    • How Leaders Demonstrate Calmness & Confidence To The Workforce & Customers
    • Assessing The Risk Of Conflict
      • Between Employees
      • Between Employees & Customers
    • De-Escalating Conflict
    • Increasing Trust Amidst Uncertainty


Each class concludes with a practice routine presented in checklist form. These are:

  • Visualizations For Business Athletes – Class 1
  • Three Clear Points In Communicating – Class 2
  • De-Escalation of Conflict – Class 3


Fee: The course fee allows you access to the course for one year.”

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