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Reducing Frontline Stress From COViD19

 Our Promise To You

Everything we teach you will be:

  • Grounded in science – particularly neuroscience

  • Practical & Effective

This is a series. We will continue to provide short, practical programs that help you adapt to constant change in this environment. 

Why This Is Important To You

The stress you are under can:

  • Decrease your ability to follow safety precautions

  • Increase the chances of making an error

  • Compromise your immune system 

  • Returning home your anxiety can spread to your loved ones


If you practice what we teach you all of the above can be effectively reduced.

Reducing your stress reduces your chances of getting an infection.

Screen Shot 2020-03-29 at 12.28.06

Waking up to Manage Stress: A Checklist

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